Our history

Our company is now led by its third generation: the siblings Ezio, enologist, and Mary, graduated in Pharmacy but converted to the family business.

In 2003 we began this ambitious project: recovering the Timorasso, an ancient indigenous grape variety of the Val Borbera.

The milestones followed one another: the request of the DOC that wasn’t present in the valley, the planting of new vines, the arrival of technology in our wine cellar and the construction of a new room for wine making with modern equipment.

In 2008 we harvested our fist grapes, while in 2011 we joined the Tortona hills territory with our subarea Terre di Libarna, encompassing the valleys of Borbera and Spinti.

We produce two types of still Timorasso wine, as well as a sparkling wine with pure
On Christmas 2019 we will introduce our first bottles produced with the traditional method using our 2016 harvest.

The project Timorasso in Val Borbera

The Val Borbera is in the Apennines area of Piedmont, bordering with Liguria, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy. In ancient times vineyards were widespread in this area, the main grape varieties being Barbera, Croatina and Timorasso.

After the Second World War this area became less populated since people migrated towards the cities hoping for a better life Because of this phenomenon cultivations almost disappeared, including vines

From 2005 our company has been promoting a supply chain project within the wine industry in collaboration with other farms from Val Borbera, with the aim of recovering the Timorasso variety by planting new vines.

The organoleptic characteristics of this grape, grown over 400 meters above sea level, are exalted by the clay-limestone soil and by the particular microclimate of the valley The high day/night temperature range in the period before the harvest, combined with the harsh climate mitigated by sea currents from Liguria, provide our wines with a bouquet of exceptional flavors and aromas.

The promotion of this grape variety, the exaltation of our terroir and high sustainability objectives are part of our heritage that we want to include in our wines through the soil and vine processing techniques.

In 2011 our work was crowned by the recognition of the new designation “Terre di Libarna” as a subarea of the Tortona hills, with the obligation of local wine making and sparkling wine making.

Our offer

Our company’s offer also includes a series of services linked to the product sales. Indeed, you can find a retail sales point where you can taste our products as well as a selection of classic Piedmont wines.

You can buy bulk wines in a 5,10 or 20 liters BagInBox We can also print custom labels for restaurants, special events and receptions.

During Christmas time you can find and customize a wide selection of gift baskets featuring the typical products from Val Borbera.


We are open every day from 9.00 to 19.00 – Monday to Saturday – and on Sunday morning until 12.30.


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